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Hospice Services Overview

Medicare Services:  All hospice patients are required to be under the care of a physician.  This physician can be either the family’s doctor of choice or our Medical director.  We coordinate medical services between our staff and the patient’s physician.

Nursing Services:  A registered nurse is assigned to each patient-family care unit.  Our nurses’ visits and contacts are based on patient-family need.  Therefore, the visits can increase as needs become more acute. The nurse assesses healthcare needs and how to meet them, and teaches the family how to provide care.  Particular attention is given to comfort and independence, as well as to pain and symptom control.  We also have a nurse on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions, address concerns and ensure that emergencies are taken care of appropriately.

Home Health Aide Services:  Our highly trained home health aides are skilled in providing rest and comfort measures.  They provide personal care based on patient-family needs.  Home health aides work under the supervision of the registered nurse.

Social Work Services:  Social work services are designed to help the patient and family based on their needs. We also can assist, if necessary, in locating resources to help with finances, legal matters, patient care and other arrangements.

Volunteer Services:  Volunteers provide companionship to the patient, emotional support to family members, or a few hours of caregiver relief.  Volunteers also participate in other programs such as bereavement, clerical and other office functions, as well as community services.

Spiritual Care Services:  Our Spiritual Care Team is made up of community clergy and lay-persons.  Spiritual care is offered to provide guidance and support to the patient-family unit.

Pharmaceutical Services:  We work with several pharmacists in the area who are committed to providing special services to the community.  They are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure symptom control and pain medications are available to the patient when needed.  These community pharmacists also are available to answer questions or provide information regarding medications, side effects, pain management and symptom control.

Dietician Services:  Dieticians help us meet the nutritional needs and desires of our patients.  A dietician is available for consultation and assistance to the patient and family as needed.

Therapy Services (Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language):  Therapy services are available as needed.  Therapists can help alter the home to make it friendlier in meeting the changing needs of the patient and caregivers.  Increased levels of comfort are achieved and independence can be maintained, thereby increasing the quality of life for the patient.

Bereavement Services:  We provide support for grieving family members and friends through a 13-month program.  Services may include brief one-on-one consultation, support groups, workshops, and supportive literature