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Hospice is organized to provide a health-care program to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the terminally ill and their families. Hospice services are designed to complement existing health-care services available to the general public. Hospice care utilizes an interdisciplinary team composed of physicians, nurses, volunteers, clergy, and a social worker to provide care, assistance, guidance and support to patients and their families during and following the last phase of terminal illness. The Hospice benefit is designed to meet the needs of each patient and their families.

About Oaklawn Hospice

The mission of Oaklawn Hospice is to provide superior end of life care in a compassionate and professional manner to terminally ill patients and their families in the community, respecting dignity and optimizing comfort to ensure quality of life to the end of life. Included in that care is counsel and support to the patient’s family.

Enlisting the help of Oaklawn Hospice doesn’t mean that you’re giving up. It means that you’re taking control over the final days of your life. Continue reading to learn more about our amazing team of hospice workers and why they were ranked top 5% in the nation for hospice performance.

Who can refer to Oaklawn Hospice?

Anyone can refer to Oaklawn Hospice, including:

  • Patients, family or friends
  • Primary/Attending Physician

Levels of Hospice Care

Routine Homecare: Care provided at home by the family or other caregiver, assisted by hospice staff. The home may be a residence, a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or other place the person calls home.

Inpatient Respite Care: Care provided in a skilled facility for a maximum of five (5) days to allow family and/or caregivers to rest and recuperate.  Care must be received in a facility with which Oaklawn Hospice has a legal contract for services.

Continuous Home Care: Care provided in the person’s home to manage pain and other symptoms during periods of crisis. Care is provided mostly by nurses, assisted by other staff, for periods of 8 to 24 hours per day.  The goal of this level of care is to prevent hospitalization.

General Inpatient Care: Care provided in a skilled facility when pain or other symptoms cannot be managed in the home. Care must be received in a facility with which Oaklawn Hospice has a legal contract for services.

We Honor Veterans Partner

Oaklawn Hospice is making an active commitment to Veterans by earning stars as a We Honor Veterans Partner. Our hospice team can provide Veterans with compassionate care that is specific to their needs and goals.
As a We Honor Veterans Partner, there are five levels your organization can achieve. Each level guides you through specific activities using practical resources to progressively increase your ability to serve Veterans. Moving through the partner levels increases your organization’s knowledge and capacity to serve the Veterans in your community.