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Approximately 15% of American adults report having some trouble hearing. Choosing the right audiologist can make a major positive impact on your results. Oaklawn Medical Group’s Audiology department is different from many providers in that:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations are performed by professionals with a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology, who are licensed by the state, and are certified by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association.
  • Real ear measurements are performed on all patients fit with hearing aids to ensure good audibility for speech and that the prescribed amount of amplification across the frequency spectrum is being received.
  • Patient satisfaction is highly valued. We offer a 60-day grace period for each hearing aid purchase. If the benefit received from hearing aids does not justify the cost (or if you simply decide that you are not ready), you are able to return them within 60 days.
  • No high-pressure sales tactics.
  • You will have the ability to choose products from different hearing aid manufacturers.
  • We work closely with otolaryngologists and a physician’s assistant to ensure each patient is receiving the proper form of treatment for his/her hearing condition and that he/she is medically cleared for hearing aids.

What does mild loss of hearing or gradual onset of hearing loss look like?

  • Most commonly, such individuals will report having difficulty hearing under adverse listening conditions, such as while at a restaurant or while in a large, reverberant room.
  • They may also express frustration because they perceive that others are constantly mumbling or speaking too softly.
  • Another sign that there may be a problem is if you or a loved one are experiencing tinnitus—what is commonly described as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or cricket-like sound in the ears—and is often associated with hearing loss.
  • When hearing loss is gradual in nature, patients often aren’t aware that there is a problem because they have become accustomed to the loss, perhaps having even learned to adapt or compensate for it somehow. 
  • Also, because many individuals with a hearing loss still retain normal hearing across a portion of the frequency spectrum, speech may still sound fairly normal to them, albeit often unclear and indistinct. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, we would encourage you to have your hearing tested by one of our audiologists.  Fortunately, nowadays there are many options for individuals who struggle with hearing loss. 

The truth about hearing aids.

Hearing aids are the devices that most individuals are familiar with. However, despite the fact that roughly 81% of users currently report being satisfied with their hearing aids, overall, only about 30% of individuals who report having hearing difficulty actually own a hearing aid (according to Marketrak IX). Often times this is because individuals still picture them as being big and bulky (a thing of the past), they’ve heard bad things (most likely due to the lack of technology previously available) or they’re concerned about the cost. Well we have good news!

  • Most hearing aids these days are smaller. Options include tiny, behind-the-ear and invisible-in-canal options.
  • You have options when it comes to financing. If cost is a concern, insurance may be able to pick up part or all of the cost. Even if you don’t have coverage, companies such as Care Credit are able to provide financing for individuals who need help. There are even foundations that can provide grants for medical devices (such as hearing aids) to individuals with financial difficulties.
  • We offer a 60-day return policy. We want our patients to understand that our ultimate goal is to help you hear better. We don’t want you to purchase a hearing aid that doesn’t help you! For that reason, if you purchase a hearing aid and the benefit doesn’t justify the cost, you’re able to return it within 60 days.

Please contact our office if you’re experiencing symptoms of hearing loss or if you’re interested in learning more about custom hearing protection to prevent hearing loss.