Three sets of twins are born within days of each other at Oaklawn

Three sets of twins are born within days of each other at Oaklawn

MARSHALL – In what appears to have been a unique event for this community, three sets of twins recently were born within two days of each other at Oaklawn’s Birth Center.

“We can’t really say if this is the first time this has happened, because babies have been born at Oaklawn since the 1920s,” said Twyla Newsome, who works as an obstetrical surgical technician in the Birth Center.

“However, no one on today’s staff can recall this many sets of twins born here within such a short period,” she said.

The six newborns are:

– Benjamin James and Emma Grace Cole, son and daughter, respectively, of Jake and Nancy Cole of Battle Creek. The couple have another son, Judah, 2. The newborns were delivered early Monday afternoon, delivered by the family’s physician, Dr. Mark Walker, M.D.

– Cash and Kennedy Fox, son and daughter, respectively, of Troy and Heidi Fox of Battle Creek. The children – the couple’s first – were born late Monday night, delivered by the family’s physician, Eric Ebner, M.D.

– Arya Fay and Grace Irene Brayton, son and daughter, respectively, of Derek and Rachael Brayton of Coldwater. The children – the couple’s first – were born Wednesday afternoon, delivered by the family’s physician, Neysa Bartlett, D.O.

Whatever the odds may have been that so many sets of twins might be born so close together in time, the parents offered praise for the hospital and their attending physicians.

“Dr. Ebner’s an amazing physician,” said new mother Heidi Fox, who happens to be an employee at Oaklawn’s main campus, working in its general surgery unit.

The other parents said they had based their choice of hospital on Oaklawn’s reputation.

“It was recommended to us by a friend,” said Jake Cole. “So, we came and saw Dr. Walker. He was great. We had a great experience when we had Judah here, and we had a great experience this time as well.”

“I had heard a lot of very good things about the hospital and I wanted the best experience,” Rachael Brayton said. “And it’s been wonderful.”

Oaklawn’s renovated Birth Center opened in 2012. Based on the number of deliveries since then, staff expect to welcome more than 800 newborns during 2017.

At Oaklawn, a new mother remains in one comfortable, homelike room from labor through the time she takes her baby home. Fathers, support persons and siblings are welcome at all times, and other family members and friends may visit during normal visiting hours.

Each of the 11 private rooms for labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum care is decorated in soft colors and features a private bathroom and shower, a rocking chair and other amenities to make the mother and baby feel at ease. Some rooms have whirlpool tubs.

Direct access to the Birth Center is controlled by a computer-controlled security system, permitting staff to observe visitors visually before they may enter or leave, or lock all of the center’s doors automatically. The nursing station features a code-alert monitoring system for the electronic monitoring of each infant’s location in the center.

Experienced obstetrical nurses are always prepared to answer questions or respond to any need, and can provide information about natural relaxation, breathing techniques and pain medication. The Birth Center also offers pre-natal and childbirth education classes.

For additional information about the Birth Center and its services, go to or call (269) 789-3929.