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Oaklawn emergency team conducts training drill

Oct. 3, 2017 Oaklawn emergency team conducts training drill with Marshall police, firefighters  MARSHALL –  No one can predict when a horrific event might occur, and even the safest-seeming environment might turn dangerous. On Sept. 28, the staff of Oaklawn’s... Read More

Tue, October 3, 2017 in Blog

Is Allergen Immunotherapy for Me?

Friends or family may suggest a special treatment called allergen immunotherapy, or allergy shots. For over 100 years, allergy shots have been used with very good efficacy in decreasing symptom severity, reducing the need for medications, and lessening asthma symptoms.... Read More

Ragweed Season Strikes Again

By: David Swender, D.O. Summers are a great time to enjoy the outdoor activities Michigan has to offer. In August, people from around Calhoun County get out to the Fairgrounds for a wonderful week of rides, animals and activities. Unfortunately,... Read More