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The Oaklawn Benefit Auction Needs You!

Every year, Oaklawn holds its annual benefit auction, which attracts hundreds of attendees and accumulated close to $100,000 in donations last year alone. This year’s event is slated for March 10th at FireKeepers Casino, and with a superhero theme, it promises to be an entertaining night! But what exactly is the money used for and how can you help support this great event? We have answers!


Oaklawn does several fundraising events throughout the year, but the benefit auction is by far the largest. In fact, they’ve been doing this for 28 years! Every donation and ticket sold not only goes towards helping to provide medical care to those who can’t afford it, but it also contributes to bringing services and equipment to Oaklawn that allow us to provide the highest quality of care to our community.

Oaklawn is Marshall’s largest employer and a top-rated hospital in the region. When you have convenient access to high-level care in your backyard, it’s easy to take it for granted until you find yourself in a position where it’s no longer there. Imagine all of the individuals who would be impacted if the hospital didn’t exist. From a lack of top-notch healthcare to a serious deprivation of jobs, if the hospital didn’t exist our health and the city of Marshall as we know it would take a serious hit. This is clearly a cause worth supporting.


Luckily, Oaklawn has made it very easy for people to support this wonderful event, so there’s really no excuse NOT to make a contribution, regardless of how big or small it might be.

Option 1: Be a sponsor or donate an item

Being that this is an auction, that means we need to have items for people to bid on. If you’re interested in being a sponsor or donating an item to be auctioned off at the event, then please contact Oaklawn’s Development office at (269) 789-3942.

Option 2: Attend the event

Regardless of the number of awesome donations we secure, the auction wouldn’t be a success without all of the generous people who attend it. Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have a lot of extra money to be able to bid on an item!” It’s ok! Just by purchasing a ticket, you’re making a contribution. And on that note, if you purchase your ticket online in advance, you can save $10 with code REALHERO. At the event, aside from bidding on items, you can also purchase raffle tickets that will contribute to the overall money raised.

Maybe you don’t want to buy anything, but you’re just looking for a great time and you need an excuse to dress up like your favorite superhero. Then just grab some of your friends, come to the event and hang out! With music, games, a great selection of food and drinks, not to mention good company, you’re sure to have a fun night out.

Option 3: Make a donation online

If you would rather not attend the event, but you still want to make a contribution, then head to our website or call Oaklawn’s Development office at (269) 789-3942.

To stay up-to-date on all things auction related, make sure to like our Oaklawn Benefit Auction page on Facebook. We hope to see you, in full costume, on March 10th!