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Oaklawn honors top physician and employee for 2020 during awards event 

MARSHALL – Timothy Schubert, D.O., has been honored as Oaklawn’s 2020 Physician of the Year and Christine Condon, R.N., has been selected as Oaklawn’s Employee of the Year. 

The selection of Schubert and Condon was announced to Oaklawn staff Dec. 10 during a special virtual presentation of service awards to 130 other employees on YouTube and Facebook. The pre-recorded event may be viewed online at oaklawnhospital.org/news/oaklawns-2020-employee-service-awards. 

The awards and gifts were presented by Oaklawn President and CEO Gregg Beeg; Marla E. Stuck, Oaklawn’s executive director of human resources; Theresa Dawson, Oaklawn’s chief nursing officer; Andrew J. Poole III, chief financial officer; Sharon Thomas-Boyd, chief operating officer; and Interim Medical Director J. Summer Liston-Crandall, M.D. 

Condon, who serves as Oaklawn’s nursing supervisor, received a designated parking space for the coming year, a dozen roses, an engraved clock, a gold pin and $500. Oaklawn has bestowed the top-employee honor annually since 1978. 

As the physician of the year, Schubert also received a dozen roses, a reserved parking space and an engraved plaque. He also was permitted to select a charity of his choice to receive $500. 

Schubert, an inpatient specialist, obtained his medical degree from Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed clinical clerkships in teaching hospitals associated with the University of Virginia, Maine Medical Center and LeHigh University. 

Schubert is the 10th recipient of Oaklawn’s Physician of the Year Award. The award was established to recognize a physician who has demonstrated their commitment to Oaklawn’s culture and values, and to the community. 

José Valle, M.D., received the inaugural award in 2011. Other recipients were Thomas Neidlinger, M.D., in 2012; J. Summer Liston, M.D., in 2013; Hassan Beiz, M.D., in 2014; Steven Yuill, M.D., in 2015; Aajay Shah, M.D., in 2016; Subhash Thakur, M.D., in 2017; Syed Quadri, M.D., in 2018; and Shannon Martin, M.D., in 2019. 

To be nominated, a physician must have been a member of Oaklawn’s active medical staff for at least three years, and may be nominated by hospital staff, medical staff or members of the Board of Directors. Members of Oaklawn’s Medical Executive Committee made the final selection.

During the event, service awards also were presented to 130 employees for specific levels of service. The following individuals were recipients:

45 years: Mary Laws 

40 years: Deborah Bowers 

35 years: Judith Dice and Cindi Clifton 

30 years: Deborah Hankinson, Tracee Hathaway, Teresa Liscombe, Lynn Vangeison-Culver and Cynthia Wagner 

25 years: Gladys Brown, Lisa Carr, Betsy Carroll-Crist, Sue Heaton, Lisa Hughes and Debra Okley 

20 years: Nathan Burns, Tommy Ciotta, Yolanda Cobley, Barbara Crandall, Shelley Hickok, Jesse King, Debra Loss, Matthew Lueck, Brandi Randall, Angela Riddle and Crystal Woods 

15 years: Jodie Anderson, Chris Bailey, Debra Betz, Marlana Davis, Jennifer Dye, Angela Eiler, Tonya Hancock, Anthony Horabin, Shoni Landis, Bethany Lothamer, Mabel Martin, Amanda McVicker, Mark Miller, Mandy Nelson, Kathy Newton, Amanda Rosenburg, Sarah Shiery, Christine Siebert, Becky Samra, Patrice Sisler and Jennifer Strand 

10 years: Morgan Albright, Christine Ali, Andrew Darling, Stephanie Fedele, Natalie Fulcher, Nicole Garrison, Tansley Gripman, Jacob Holliday, Sandra Hough, Celia Kerr, Meredith Lina, Laurie Lindsay, Vickie Madry, Doug Martin, Lisa Morgensai, Pamela Russell, Catherine Sine, Christina Tenney, Alexis Valentine and Joseph Young 

Five years: Christy Agne, Suzanne Anderson, Kelly Atkinson, Katherine Baklund, Tamme Bearman, Amanda Bergan, Kelly Brisson, Catherine Burtrum, April Bussell, Larry Cleveland, Jacquelyn Costine, Melissa Davis, Tim Davis, Theresa Dawson, Jessica Dewaters, Elizabeth Dilyard, Janice Earle, Tiffany Elkins, Donna Evans, Sarah Finch, Brenda Gentner, Martin Goins, Alice Gombas, Jackalyn Govier, John Green, Shannon Gwin, DarShan Hammontree, Caitlin Harrison, Julie Holley, Teresa Howe, Ashley Janvrin, Erica Jeffery, Joanne Johnston, Neil Kepler, Stacy Kilburn, Suzanne Kirk, Serena Kyles, Danielle Leaders, Steven Malocha, Rebecca Matthews, Sandra McKeown, Michele Mead, Emily Minnard, Braxton Olds, Syed Quadri, Jennifer Reed, David Richardson, Anthony Rivera, Jeremiah Schnoor, Terri Short, Ashley Sleight, Elesha Smith, Andrea Spence, Michael Sterrett, Shantel Tabiadon, Kourtney Tabor, Kassietta Thomas, Michael Thompson, Andrea Torrey, Samuel Tuy, Tim Weir, Mark Woods and Tori Wortinger 

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CAPTION: Christine Condon (center), Oaklawn’s nursing supervisor, receives Oaklawn’s Employee of the Year Award from Oaklawn President and CEO Gregg Beeg (left) and Theresa Dawson, Oaklawn’s chief nursing officer. 


CAPTION: Timothy Schubert, D.O. (right), receives Oaklawn’s Physician of the Year Award from Oaklawn President and CEO Gregg Beeg.