Location changes improve access and efficiency for Oaklawn patients

Oaklawn Medical Group staff and officials have been informing visitors and patients about several recent and upcoming office location changes.

“These adjustments will allow us to better accommodate our patients and the care we provide,” said Kathy Rhodes, the medical group’s executive director. 

“As always, Oaklawn is focused on making health care highly accessible to residents of the communities we serve, while focusing on efficiency and affordability,” Rhodes said. “These changes will help us achieve those goals.”

A significant new step toward improved patient access to local medical services came in late 2019 when Oaklawn acquired space at 1174 West Michigan Ave. That address became the home of Michigan Avenue Primary Care as well as the new home of Oaklawn After Hours Express, formerly based on Hamilton Street.

Michigan Avenue Primary Care, which opened in May, brings together the family medical services of Melissa Gates, D.O.; Kimberly Chrisman, PA-C; and Wendy Davis, PA-C. These providers will continue to see their existing patients at the new location, and are accepting new patients. Appointments at the facility may be made by calling (269) 558-0700. 

Oaklawn After Hours Express recently expanded its operating hours. That facility now is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays as well as 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

In early June, the Oaklawn Medical Group’s endocrinology services moved to Marshall Internal & Family Medicine at 720 Old U.S. 27 N., transferring from its former site at the Marshall Specialty Clinic. At the new location, patients will be seen by Cynthia Abacan, M.D., and Tara Jock, PA-C. Appointments may be made by calling (269) 781-6600. 

An upcoming move will affect Oaklawn Medical Group’s allergy, asthma and immunology services and patients being seen by David Swender, D.O., currently based at the Marshall Specialty Clinic at 203 Winston Drive. 

It is expected that, in early July, Swender and those services will move to the former After Hours Express site at 111 S. Hamilton, Rhodes said. 

Until the location change the week of July 6, Swender’s office may be contacted at (269) 789-4380, and at the Marshall Specialty Clinic, 203 Winston Drive. Afterwards, Swender’s office may be contacted at (269) 789-8291. 

Rhodes said the Marshall Specialty Clinic will continue to serve patients of Oaklawn’s orthopedics and sports medicine services, featuring local providers Kimberly McLean, D.O.; William Comai, D.O.; Paul Aschmetat, D.O.; Kevin Kelch, PA-C; Kari Scarbrough, FNP-C; and Matthew Griffiths, PA-C. Appointments may be made by calling (269) 789-4380.