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Dr. Aajay Shah - Patient Testimonial with John Flook

Dr. Shah sits down with one of his past patients, John Flook, to discuss heart health and how one procedure changed John’s life.

After mentioning to his primary care physician that he was experiencing shortness of breath, John soon discovered during a heart catheter procedure that he had an 80% blockage of his left anterior descending artery and he was given a heart stent on the spot.

With no warning signs of this potentially fatal condition, John decided after his procedure that it was time to make some dramatic life changes. With Dr. Shah’s help during cardiac rehab and recommendations for diet modifications, he’s off to a great start with 13lbs lost so far. More importantly, John’s history of diabetes has taken a drastic turn. His blood sugar levels have dropped 60 points moving him into the pre-diabetic range, he’s off one of his medications and soon expects that he will be off of insulin entirely.

Watch the video to learn more about John’s inspiring story.