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Patient Testimonials

” Oaklawn is the only hospital I trust. I love all the doctors, nurses and staff.  I live in Sturgis and all my providers are there.   My family and I always receive exceptional care.  Number one hospital for me!”

A.C. – Oaklawn patient

“I LOVE Oaklawn Hospital.  Always seem concerned about me.  Have had my surgeries at the hospital and the doctors and nursing staff are wonderful.  Even their kitchen staff, dietician and housekeeping are wonderful.  Like I said I LOVE Oaklawn Hospital!!!!!!  Thanks for the great care I always get.”

C.M.- Oaklawn patient

“That’s where I was born, my first son was born, and my second son will be born any day now.  LOVE Oaklawn!”

S.H.- Birth Center- Facebook comment

“WONDERFUL STAFF!  I love Oaklawn so much!”

S.B.- Oaklawn patient- Facebook comment

“An asset to the community.  A hospital that is cutting edge!”

A.B.- 5 star rating

“I think the people here are exceptional.  They are concerned and very patient centered”.

D.O.- 5-star rating

“As a nurse providing care in CCU, I want to also acknowledge the outstanding leadership at Oaklawn.  All of you truly understand what a healing environment entails and support staff in doing what we do best. Working at Oaklawn is a privilege and a pleasure.  Thank you”

S.P.- CCU Nurse, Oaklawn

“I recently spent two mornings at Oaklawn for some cardiac testing.  It was my pleasure to be treated by 2 exceptional young professionals names Greg and Christie.  They made the whole process so much easier than expected.  A big THANK YOU to both of them, as well as Dr. Shah and the other staff that worked with me this week.”

D.J.-5-star rating- Dr. Shah & Cardiopulmonary testing

“Love this hospital and thankful for the care they’ve given me and my family members.  I live in East Leroy and it’s worth the drive.  Thank you, Oaklawn!”

C.B.- Oaklawn patient

“If I have the choice between hospitals, it’s Oaklawn without hesitation, they have literally saved my life twice in the E.R. My thanks are not enough, but I am eternally grateful.”

W.H.- 5 star rating, Emergency Services