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Oaklawn honors two top physicians and top employee for 2021 during awards event

MARSHALL – Alcides Gil-Acosta, M.D., and Carlos Martinez, M.D., have been honored as joint recipients of Oaklawn’s 2021 Physician of the Year Award, and Susan Tamer, R.N., received the 2021 Employee of the Year award.

The selection of Gil-Acosta and Martinez was announced by Oaklawn President and CEO Gregg Beeg in a recent virtual presentation of service awards, during which 133 additional employees were honored. The pre-recorded event may be viewed online at

Tamer, who works in Oaklawn’s medical-surgical unit, received a designated parking space for the coming year, a dozen roses, an engraved clock, a gold pin and $500. Oaklawn has bestowed the top-employee honor annually since 1978. Christine Condon, R.N., was the 2020 award recipient. 

Susan Tamer, R.N., is the recipient of the Oaklawn Employee of the Year Award for 2021. 

“Many impressive nominations were submitted this year, making the selection quite challenging,” Beeg said in reference to the annual physician award. “However, this year two physicians were nominated that both deserve equal recognition.” 

As this year’s honored physicians, Gil-Acosta and Martinez each received a dozen roses, a reserved parking space and an engraved plaque. They also are permitted to select charities of their choice to receive $500. 

Gil-Acosta, a specialist in pulmonology and critical care, has been with Oaklawn since 2002. He is a graduate of Interamerican University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. 

Martinez, who also specializes in pulmonology and critical care, has been with Oaklawn since 2017. He received his medical degree from National University in Bogota, Colombia, where he served his residency in internal medicine. He has a master of science degree in health and health-care research from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. 

Dr. Alcides Gil-Acosta (left) is honored with Dr. Carlos Martinez (right) as joint recipients of Oaklawn’s Physician of the Year Award by J. Summer Liston-Crandall, M.D., Oaklawn’s chief medical officer (center). 

José Valle, M.D., received the inaugural physician award in 2011. Other recipients were Thomas Neidlinger, M.D., in 2012; J. Summer Liston, M.D., in 2013; Hassan Beiz, M.D., in 2014; Steven Yuill, M.D., in 2015; Aajay Shah, M.D., in 2016; Subhash Thakur, M.D., in 2017; Syed Quadri, M.D., in 2018; Shannon Martin, M.D., in 2019; and Timothy Schubert, D.O., in 2020.

To be nominated, a physician must have been a member of Oaklawn’s active medical staff for at least three years, and may be nominated by hospital staff, medical staff or members of the Board of Directors. Members of Oaklawn’s Medical Executive Committee made the final selection.

In addition to Beeg, the awards and gifts were presented by Marla E. Stuck, Oaklawn’s executive director of human resources; Theresa Dawson, Oaklawn’s chief nursing officer; Andrew J. Poole III, chief financial officer; and Chief Medical Officer J. Summer Liston-Crandall, M.D. 

During the event, service awards also were presented to 133 employees for specific levels of service. The following individuals were recipients:

40 years: Carol Nearpass, Patricia VanValkenburg

30 years: Kalie Powers

25 years: Laurie Blue, Margaret Brown, Susie Cole, Peggy Gordon, Karen Hansom, Cherise Jackowski, Karen Swafford, Karen Weck

20 years: Sharon Angus, Jaqueline Darling, Brandi Hoffman, Luann Hull, Kimberly Hurley, Carrie Klein, Diana Peterson, Deeanna Smith, Nicole Southworth, Susan Speer, Kim Weaver 

15 years: Susan Barnes, Robert Bohney, Kimberli Deitch, Stacie Helgesen, Sherry Kleinfelt, Kristin Kowitz, Anjale Monroe, Nicole Patrick, Erin Quinn, Charles Delinger, Carissa Walker, Sandra Winchell, Amy Yeakey, Donna York 

10 years: Michelle Burch, Stacy Eagan, Devon Farkas, Diane Hall, Michael Herring, Lauren Killewald, Holly Kistler, Donald Koludrovich, Jenna Lake, Melissa Morrison, Ladonna Munoz, Teresa Oswald, Michele Rogers, Lisa Sirks, Deborah Smith, Rachelle Voorheis, Mickellena Wells, Tracy Winnie 

Five years: Dr. Sami Ahmed, Rachel Arend, Elizabeth Bachler, Erin Barker, Amanda Bessey, Clint Bloom, Macey Boden, Gabrielle Briggs, Emily Bryner, Tiffany Burns, Kathy Combs, Christine Condon, Tina Curtis, Anna Cutsinger, Destiny Davis, Chassity Dickert, Brittany Donaldson, Nicole Etson, Sundos Fadel, Marci Farmer, Kimberly Fausz-Johnson, Jessica Fountain, Krystal Friend, Jerrica Fuller, Amanda George, Julie Hackworth, Kristine Harinck, Deborah Healy, Kelly Herman, Kelle Hinspeter, Ralph Hurley, Joan Isham, Dr. Michelle Kachman, Jennifer Kidder, Jennifer King, Danielle Mack, Tricia Mahan, Susanne Mai, Karlie Mansfield, Bailey Maxwell, Bradley McDonald, Joshua McDonald, Peggy McKelvey, Paivi McKenzie, Dr. Kimberly McLean, Dawn McManamey, Stacy Meister, Ryan Mestdagh, Roxanne Meyers, Stephanie Penning, Dr. Teleah Phillips, Andrea Piepkow, Jamie Pierce, Rachel Rangel, Mindi Reynolds, Jeffery Rhoades, Michelle Rinehart, Leah Robinson, Heather Rosin, Sierra Rutan, Ross Salter, Dr. Urvish Shah, Shane Shalifoe, Michelle Sharp, Melissa Smith, Adrienne Solis-Sherman, Alasdair Jack Spitzer, Jessica Stuart, Jenny Taylor, Kathryn Thomas, Carolyn Walker, Arisa Wanko, Charese Watson, Darcy Waybrant, Lisa White, Shannon Wilson, Lynette Winstone, Shelly Wisz, Linda Wright. (30)