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Dr. Ebner, OB/GYN at Oaklawn, Delivers Final Baby of Storied Obstetrics Career to Focus on Gynecology Service

AUGUST 21, 2023- MARSHALL, MI – In July, Oaklawn OBGYN, Dr. Eric Ebner, performed the final delivery of his obstetrics practice. This delivery marks one of over 5,000 children delivered throughout Dr. Ebner’s ongoing 41-year career. Although he will no longer perform deliveries, Dr. Ebner will still be practicing gynecology. Dr. Ebner’s beloved patients have the opportunity to see him for gynecological services, while pregnant patients may choose another Oaklawn obstetrics provider for their pre and post-natal care and delivery.

When Dr. Ebner decided to step back from the obstetrics portion of his medical practice, his former Medical Assistant and personal friend, Amy Brown, was pregnant at the time. Together, they decided that the delivery of her son would be the final delivery of his obstetrics career.

“This was something we negotiated together,” Brown said. “We’ve worked together and he delivered all of my kids. I told him it would mean a lot to me to be his last delivery.” On July 21, 2023, a healthy baby Bennett was born at Oaklawn Hospital to parents Amy and Kyle Brown.

“I’ve always seen it as a privilege to be involved in one of the most important events in the lives of my patients,” said Dr. Ebner. “I started out in Marshall, right out of my residency, and my major goal was to serve my patients.”

As far as his legacy and performing over 5,000 deliveries, Dr. Ebner said, “It just happened. I tried to be available all the time for my patients. I’ve always enjoyed it and it has been a privilege to provide obstetrics care. Although I’m no longer performing deliveries, I’m happy to continue to see patients for their gynecological needs.” 

Dr. Ebner is revered by his patients and colleagues alike. “He has earned the respect, gratitude and admiration of each of us, and I am thrilled that he will continue to provide care in Marshall and our surrounding communities,” said Gregg Beeg, President & CEO of Oaklawn.

“I have many memories of working beside him at all hours, on holidays, and in tough circumstances,” said Oaklawn Chief Medical Officer, Dr. J. Summer Liston-Crandall.

“In every encounter, he was kind, thorough and responsive to the needs of both patients and the medical team. Dr. Ebner is incredibly reliable and giving, and he has contributed so much to Oaklawn’s success and the success of our birth center.”

Kelly Herman, Dr. Ebner’s former assistant, feels privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Ebner throughout the obstetrics portion of his career. “The bond that Dr. Ebner created with his pregnant patients is unheard of. I have learned so much from him over the years and will be forever honored to be able to say that I worked with one of the most well respected and knowledgeable OB doctors around.”

Dr. Ebner practices at Oaklawn’s Beadle Lake office, located at 14231 Beadle Lake Road in Battle Creek. To make an appointment with Dr. Ebner, call (269) 962-0441. To learn more about Oaklawn ’s OBGYN services or the Oaklawn Birth Center, go to