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Physical Therapy

Concussion Management Program

concussion management photo Oaklawn Physical Rehabilitation recognizes the need to protect athletes from the devastating effects of brain trauma, often called concussion. The State of Michigan and the Michigan High School Athletic Association have put in place rules to help minimize the potential further injury to athletes who are returned to participation too soon. The Oaklawn Concussion Management Program is designed to provide physicians, parents and athletes with scientific data showing the level of impairment an athlete has suffered after concussion and a method of monitoring the healing process so the athletes’ return to participation is safer and with minimal side effects. The combination of ImPACT cognitive testing and BIODEX balance assessment is what makes Oaklawn’s Concussion Management Program so effective. Data provided from baseline testing an athlete is stored and used for comparison against post-concussion testing completed in the event of a diagnosed head injury. Testing continues periodically until results return to baseline levels, and when combined with a thorough medical exam, provides the best evidence of when an athlete is safe to return to his or her sport. Oaklawn’s Concussion Management Program will provide testing results to the physician identified by the parent(s) or athlete. Baseline testing takes less than an hour and testing dates are scheduled regularly. For more information call (269) 781-7585 and ask about upcoming testing dates. Pre-registration is required for baseline testing as seating is limited. Follow-up testing should be scheduled within 72 hours of a diagnosed concussion.