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What is a pediatrician?

A pediatrician specializes in treating patients from birth to age 21. Pediatricians perform well child visits, provide care for acute conditions, help families prevent illness and injuries, and also offer chronic disease management. Their extensive training makes them experienced in the physical, emotional and social development of children. Pediatricians thoroughly understand how different illnesses and conditions impact a child’s overall well-being. The needs of children vary greatly from those of adults, and children often aren’t capable of expressing how they feel. However, a pediatrician knows what signs and symptoms to look for in children and adolescent patients.

Pediatricians often provide care for the following:

• Asthma
• Behavior evaluations
• Immunizations
• Screenings (hearing, nutrition, vision etc.)
• School and sports physicals
• Acute care and injuries
• Adolescent health
• Adolescent reproductive health
• Well child care
• Chronic disease management
• Inpatient services to newborns (attend emergency deliveries, NICU care etc.)

About Adrienne Aschmetat, D.O.

Dr. Aschmetat is an internal medicine pediatric provider with Oaklawn Medical Group. She is especially passionate about providing care for chronic disease and special needs patients, seeing them as a pediatric provider and continuing their care into adulthood. As an internal medicine pediatric provider, she offers a unique perspective in that she brings internal medicine viewpoints into the pediatric realm, and vice versa. This allows Dr. Aschmetat the ability to provide care that spans the age gap. She is also an osteopathic provider who utilizes hands-on medicine, similar to chiropractic care, when appropriate.