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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that most often arises as a result of an arthritic narrowing of the spinal canal. This creates a condition causing buttock or leg pain which may be worse with standing or walking and improves with rest. For those needing surgery for this condition several possible procedures may be available. Using x-ray to localize the incision site the contributing bone spurs and lamina are easily visualized and removed with use of a high speed burr. This opens up the nerve tunnels allowing in relief of buttock or leg pain. The entire spinal canal is visualized from one small portal and multiple levels can be addressed. Some patients may require fusion for their condition and this would change their course of treatment. Patients can be discharged same day depending on their age and tolerance of pain.


These are just a few of the spinal disorders treated well with minimal access techniques. It is important to point out however that not all conditions can be treated with minimal access techniques. Please be sure to discuss these options with your surgeon.