Birth Center & Childbirth Education

Oaklawn Birth Plan

During your prenatal visits, you will want to discuss your labor and delivery options with your doctor. What would be an ideal picture of what you would like to happen? Remember, a plan is just that–a written statement of your desires. However, Mother Nature does not always honor those plans. You may have to modify the plan in the case of unforeseen complications, the mother’s desires or hospital policies.

This is also a good time to decide to attend a childbirth education class, starting during your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Oaklawn offers a childbirth education series, a refresher class, sibling class, and a breastfeeding class. Oaklawn also has lactation counselors on staff who are available to meet with you. As you approach your due date, we encourage you to come and tour the Birth Center and meet the staff. Please check with your physician to arrange a tour.

To help you get started with writing a birth plan, fill out the My Birth Plan form and take it to your next appointment to discuss with your doctor.

We look forward to providing you and your family with excellent care during this very important time in your lives.