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Birth Center & Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education Classes

Prepared Childbirth Education Class

Cost: $40.00 per couple

Oaklawn Hospital offers Prepared Childbirth Education classes taught monthly by a childbirth educator. A series of three classes will address breathing and relaxation techniques, managing the discomforts of pregnancy, options in pain relief methods, coaching techniques, labor and delivery options, caesarean sections and basic baby care. These classes also include a tour of the Birth Center. We recommend that you plan on taking the class in your seventh or eighth month or pregnancy. You’ll want to register for the series right after your first prenatal visit because class sizes are limited.

Oaklawn Hospital also offers a one-day Prepared Childbirth Education class. These classes are scheduled approximately four times per year. These classes are very popular and early registration is encouraged.

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Breastfeeding Class

Cost: $10.00 if taken individually

Oaklawn’s breastfeeding class is 3 hours in duration and is offered once a month. It is taught by a lactation counselor who will address:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding to mother and baby
  • Proper latch positioning
  • Storage of breast milk
  • Mastitis
  • Returning to work

We recommend that both mother and coach attend this informative class. This class is free to parents who have taken or are taking the Prepared Childbirth Education classes. The class is also offered as an individual class. Registration is required.

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Refresher Childbirth Education

Cost: $10 if taken individually

These classes are beneficial for parents who may have attended the Prepared Childbirth Education classes in the past, or parents who have already had a bby but need some helpful reminders on breathing and relaxation techniques, labor and delivery options and pain relief methods. A tour of the Birth Center is included. This class is free to parents who are taking the Prepared Childbirth Education classes. The class is also offered as an individual class.

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