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The role of the anesthesiology department is to provide medical care to each patient throughout his or her surgical experience, which includes medically evaluating the patient before surgery, consulting with the surgical team, providing pain control and supporting life functions during surgery, supervising care after surgery, and discharging the patient from the recovery unit.

Oaklawn’s anesthesiology team members are professionals who are unique in their advanced knowledge of both the medical illnesses a patient undergoing surgery may suffer from, as well as the effects on the body of the specific operation to be performed.

Before surgery, they play a vital role in assessing a patient’s medical readiness for surgery, performing a focused history and physical examination, reviewing available laboratory and special test results, and assessing the need for additional testing prior to proceeding with surgery.

During surgery, they are responsible for the medical management and anesthetic care of the patient throughout the duration of the surgery.

After surgery, patients are monitored as they emerge from the effects of anesthesia until they are stable enough to be sent home following outpatient surgery or moved to their hospital room.

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