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Patient Rights

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

These rights apply to our patients and/or their legal representatives

Patient Rights: Our patients have the right to:

  1. Be informed of their rights prior to the institution or discontinuance of care including beneficiary notice of non-coverage, and right to appeal premature discharge.
  2. Receive information in a language that can be understood.
  3. Be given considerate and respectful care in a safe setting, without discrimination, abuse or harassment.
  4. Personal privacy in a confidential and secure environment, in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  5. Exercise civil and religious liberties.
  6. Be informed of choices.
  7. Participate in the plan of care, make decisions regarding that care, and accept or refuse treatment, the risks, benefits, other options and prospects for recovery.
  8. Participate in ethical questions, conflict resolution, organ donation, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment and withholding resuscitation.
  9. Effective pain management.
  10. The use of advance directives.
  11. Access personal medical records.
  12. Protective services.
  13. Be informed of and refuse to participate in human experimentation or other research.
  14. Charges and billing information.
  15. Be informed of unanticipated outcome.
  16. Include family or other representatives in making decisions regarding care.
  17. Receive visitors of choice without discrimination, as patients condition and situation allows.
  18. Be free from restraint or seclusion (unless it is otherwise medically indicated).
  19. Choose to have their primary physician and a representative of choice notified of their admission.

Patient Responsibilities:

  1. A patient is responsible for following the hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct.
  2. A patient is responsible for providing a complete and accurate medical history.
  3. A patient is responsible for making it known whether he or she clearly comprehends a contemplated course of action, consents to it, and understands the actions expected.
  4. A patient is responsible for following the recommendations and advice prescribed in a course of treatment by the physician.
  5. A patient is responsible for providing information about unexpected complications that arise in an expected course of treatment.
  6. A patient is responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel and property.
  7. A patient is responsible for providing the hospital with accurate and timely information concerning his or her sources of payment and ability to meet financial obligations.
  8. A patient is responsible for any personal property brought into the hospital.

When a patient’s refusal of treatment prevents the hospital or its staff from providing appropriate care according to ethical and professional standards, the relationship with the patient may then be terminated upon reasonable notice. Any refusal of treatment is required to be fully documented in the patient’s medical record.

Patient Concern Process

The patient has the right to file a grievance on his/her own behalf or the behalf of others to the staff, patient advocate, governmental official, or another person of his/her choice within or outside the facility, free from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal. A patient is entitled to information about patient rights policies and mechanisms designed for the initiation, review, and when possible, resolution of patient complaints concerning quality of care. A grievance may be filed verbally or in writing.

The patient is encouraged to speak with hospital staff and/or the department director of the specific area involved in the grievance to ensure a timely resolution. The hospital will respond to the substance of each grievance while it identifies, investigates, and resolves any deeper systemic problems indicated by the grievance.

For rapid resolution of concerns, please call:

Daytime: The Nursing Department, (269) 789-3908
Evenings, nights, holidays and weekends: House Supervisor (269) 789-3926

If we are unable to assist you in resolving your concern, you will be referred to the Patient Advocate: 269-789-8286 or Corporate Compliance Officer: (269) 789-4399, Compliance Hotline (269) 781-6207

Any person may file a complaint about a health facility with the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services by writing to:

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Health Systems Complaint and Investigations Section
P.O. Box 30664
Lansing, MI 48909
(800) 882-6006

Any person may file a complaint about a health facility with Michigan’s Quality Improvement Organization by writing to:

Livanta, LLC / BFCC-QIO Program
10820 Guilford Rd., Suite 202
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-1105
(888) 524-9900
TTY (888) 985-8775