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Pediatric Therapy clinic relocates during Ricketson Medical Building construction

MARSHALL — Services provided by Oaklawn Pediatric Therapy will move temporarily from their usual location at the Ricketson Medical Building, 103 E. Mansion St., as new construction work gets under way to expand therapeutic services there.

The temporary relocation is expected to be in effect from Sept. 30 until about the turn of the new year to provide effective care for patients and maintain safety, said Clinical Manager Jennifer Wendt, OTR/L, CSRS, CFP.

The relocation affects only Oaklawn Pediatric Therapy, whose patients will continue to be seen at Oaklawn’s office at 13444 Preston Drive. No changes are expected in current patient treatment.

Patients who receive services at the Women’s Diagnostics Center at the Ricketson building are being advised to continue coming to the Mansion Street site throughout the construction period. 

“The new space will be designed around the pediatric patient to stimulate growth and development in a rich learning environment,” Wendt said, adding that specific approaches to therapy must be developed to meet each patient’s needs.

“By expanding the space that is available for therapy, we will be able to provide services to more members of our community,” Wendt said.

The clinic’s expansion is being designed to create a new, inviting space that permits therapists to provide high-quality treatment for patients’ sensory and developmental needs, she said.

“Although moving the pediatric clinic to the Ricketson building provided a dedicated space for treatment of our younger patients, it has been recognized that the space was simply just not enough,” Wendt said.

“Oaklawn has chosen to renovate the space to provide more private treatment rooms, larger sensory-friendly gym spaces and an overall larger space to accommodate more patients based on community need,” she said.

Ultimately, the clinic’s renovation will include more private treatment rooms, multiple treatment gyms, a large sensory gymnasium and a pediatric-friendly waiting area. As a result, more children will be able to receive treatment at the same time.

“The new space also will allow for parental involvement in the child’s care, with more privacy,” Wendt said.

Waiting spaces for the clinic and the Women’s Diagnostics Center also will be separated, said Oaklawn Assistant Director of Plant Operations Joanna Tarkiewicz. Work at the Ricketson Building will include installation of a new, separate entrance for the diagnostics center, which is expected to be completed by Oct. 3 and will be 20 feet south of the current entry.

Initial work at the Ricketson site got under way in August, Tarkiewicz said. That work by Albion-based Gordon Martin Builder has included new concrete between the entrance ramp to the Oaklawn Pulmonology Clinic and the entrance to the Pediatric Therapy and Women’s Center canopy.

The work also will include installation of a new registration booth between the Ricketson Building’s interior hallway and the current waiting room, she said.

Those seeking additional information about Oaklawn Pediatric Therapy may call the service at (269) 789-8990.