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Oaklawn 2017 Physician and Employee of the Year

Subhash Thakur, M.D., recently was honored as Oaklawn’s 2017 Physician of the Year and Chris Bailey was selected as Oaklawn’s Employee of the Year.

Thakur and Bailey were honored Thursday during a gathering of Oaklawn staff members at the Franke Center for the Arts. The event included the presentation of service awards to 132 other employees.

Oaklawn President and CEO Ginger Williams made the top award presentations and praised the medical service demonstrated by Thakur, a vascular surgeon who is Oaklawn’s chief of surgery.

“The purpose of this award is to not only acknowledge a physician that exemplifies the culture and values of Oaklawn, but to also honor an individual that is inspiring to members of their profession and dedicated to the needs of their patients,” Williams said.

Bailey and Thakur each received a designated parking space for the entire year, a bouquet of a dozen red roses and an engraved plaque.

 Bailey joined Oaklawn in early 2005 as its physician services coordinator and is now the recruiter for the Oaklawn Medical Group. A graduate of Marshall High School and a longtime 4-H supporter, Bailey and her husband Pete have three children as well as three grandchildren.

Bailey is the 39th recipient of the employee honor, which Oaklawn has bestowed since 1978. She received an honorary pin and a monetary award. Last year’s recipient was Irene Johnston.

Thakur is the seventh recipient of Oaklawn’s Physician of the Year Award. José Valle, M.D., received the inaugural award in 2011. Other recipients were Thomas Neidlinger, M.D., in 2012; J. Summer Liston, M.D., in 2013; Hassan Beiz, M.D., in 2014; Steven Yuill, M.D., in 2015; and Aajay Shah, M.D., in 2016.

Williams praised Thakur for his awareness of his impact on Oaklawn, his willingness to respond positively when needed, helping to encourage others to improve and enhancing Oaklawn’s mission to strive for perfect care every time.

“This is a physician who genuinely cares about the patients and puts their best interest before anything else,” Williams said.

In his spare time, Thakur enjoys gardening and landscaping, learning new skills such as electrical wiring, and spending time with his wife Molika, as well as their daughters Akanksha – whom he always calls the “eldest” – and Ishana – “the little one.”  They also have a three-pound dog named Bruno.

 Thakur completed his undergraduate education in Delhi, India, and earned his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Studies, India’s premier medical institute. He completed an internship and general surgery residency at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center in Bronx, N.Y.

 Thakur completed his residency in vascular surgery at Jobst Vascular Center in Toledo, Ohio, and is board certified in vascular surgery. He is trained in all aspects of vascular surgery, including cosmetic vascular surgery and vascular medicine.

 “Through his passion in process improvement, approachability, his confidence in surgery and for his love of Oaklawn, he has gained the respect and admiration of his colleagues, his patients and the community,” Williams said.

As this year’s honored physician, Thakur will direct a $500 donation to a charity of his choice, and his name will be placed on a plaque displayed in the hospital’s main entrance.

The physician award was established to recognize a physician who has demonstrated their commitment to Oaklawn’s culture and values, and to the community. To be nominated, a physician must have been a member of Oaklawn’s active medical staff for at least three years, and may be nominated by hospital staff, medical staff or members of the Board of Directors. Members of Oaklawn’s Medical Executive Committee made the final selection.

Thakur received several nominations from a variety of departments throughout the organization, Williams said.  Those who nominated him for the honor made such comments as these: “… Always willing to help make our team function as a whole … is always willing to help. … engaged in helping our team run better and smoother. … answering any questions we may have. … treating us with respect.”

Another highlight of the program was the presentation of service awards to 132 employees for specific levels of service. The awards were given to:

40 years: Beth Green, Linda Hazel and Vicki Soltis

35 years: Kathleen Montgomery and Marsha Soltis

30 years: Debora Lyng and Sharon Tucker

25 years: Jill Hays, Lisa Hazel, Cindy McFadden and Marla Riley

20 years: Michelle Cruz, Kimberlee Day, Teri Fitzpatrick, Jomar Flessner, Jennifer Inman, Mary Lakatos, Wendy Lake, Beth List, Scott Martin, Tammie Murphy, Carmen Ripley, Kathy Roche-Wallace, Judith Shedd, Kenneth Smith, Amy Tewell, Lori Young

15 years: Angel Brandon, Angela Butters, Anita Darling, Bonnie Edwards, Tamra Fox, Ronald Gauthier, Ann Green, Erin Jaques, Marilyn Kittinger, Jacquelyn Mestdagh, Cheryl Murray, Theresa Padilla, Deborah Payne, Rita Reiman, Diane Richardson, Linda Ryan, Rachel Schultz, Kimberly Timmer, Jamie Troyer, Diane Walker, Jana Wallace, Darlene Weimer, Christine Wetzel, Shiela Wilkowski, Toni Williams, Cynthia Wood, Janet Young

10 years: Juanita Armstrong, Jennifer Barnes, Lori Barton, Melissa Blair, Amy Butler, Anna Callahan, Eva Cowles, Jonah Curtis, Autumn Demond, William DeSmet, Adela Gutos, Jamey Heemer, Carla Highe, Sarah Hughes, Deborah Iobe, Jane Jones, Mary Keller, Sarah Mannes, Kerry McDowell, Christopher Nicolai, Leslie Olmstead, John Ostrowski, Heather Ruff, Kate Sanders, Brent Smith, Brooke Stanley, Lisa Stoddard, Jennifer Wendt

Five years: Christopher Ames, Laurie Archer, Jennifer Arntz, Kristy Bates, Rachel Benard, Lyndsey Bosserd, Alysa Bourne, Melissa Bowman, Kimberly Campbell, Deborah Carrel, Lisa Clark, Beverly Clute, Karen Drescher, Eric Ebner, Sarah Feltner, Kirstie Fondren, Stacey Goodman, Sarah Hagen, Heidi Hazel, Sarah Hook, Wendy Hunt, Amy Jewell, Kimberly Kanik, Dennis Knoll, Stephanie Kowalchuk, Charlene Lebron, Cheryl Lindsey, Tonya Lyon, Deborah Lyons, John Metzger, Ashly Miller, Christine Nault, Roberta Nelson, Charles Nyland, Carla Pejakovich, Ashley Porter, Zandra Prater, Christina Raupp, Joshua Rich, Sumita Saha, Kimberly Snyder, Katie Steiner, David Swender, Susan Tamer, Pedro Toweh, Vivek Thakore, Eric Waldron, Dan Weaver, Brittney Weed, Cody Zeithammel

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