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Oaklawn honors top physician and employee for 2019 at awards event

MARSHALL – Shannon Martin, M.D., has been named Oaklawn’s 2019 Physician of the Year and Yolanda Mathews has been named Oaklawn’s Employee of the Year. 

Martin, an ophthalmologist, was selected out of 17 nominees for Physician of the year and was honored during a gathering of Oaklawn staff members at the Franke Center for the Arts on December 12th. The event included the presentation of service awards to 105 other employees. 

“The purpose of this award is to not only acknowledge a physician that exemplifies the culture and values of Oaklawn, but to also honor an individual that is inspiring to members of their profession and dedicated to the needs of their patients,” Stuck said. 

Martin is the 9th recipient of Oaklawn’s Physician of the Year Award.  As this year’s honored physician, Martin will direct a $500 donation to a charity of her choice, and her name will be placed on a plaque displayed in the hospital’s main entrance.

Beeg said “Martin’s complete focus is on patient care, solving countless complex problems for her patients, even going as far as lying on the floor with a young child to perform the exam, simply to make the child calm.”  

“Martin shows integrity by being available to take a call from patients, colleagues and the ER at any time.She is also committed to our community with her work at the Fountain Clinic and her sponsorship of many local charity events.” Beeg said. “She is committed to providing the best possible care.”

Martin joined the Oaklawn medical staff in 2010. She resides in Marshall with her husband Doug and their five children, Henry, George, Helen, Edward and Charles.

The physician award was established to recognize a physician who has demonstrated their commitment to Oaklawn’s culture and values, and to the community. To be nominated, a physician must have been a member of Oaklawn’s active medical staff for at least three years, and may be nominated by hospital staff, medical staff or members of the Board of Directors. Members of Oaklawn’s Medical Executive Committee made the final selection.

Mathews, a housekeeper who has worked for Oaklawn since 2013, was nominated for her unique ability to anticipate the needs of her department along with her commitment, attention to detail and uncompromising ethics, said Gregg Beeg, the hospital’s President and CEO. 

Beeg added, “When coworkers know Mathews is working the same shift, they immediately feel a sense of comfort knowing they will be working with the most conscientious and capable person in her role.  She is a role model for all employees who strive to do their job to the highest standards.” 

Mathews is the 42nd recipient of the employee honor, which Oaklawn has bestowed since 1978. Mathews also received a dozen red roses, an honorary pin, a monetary award and an engraved clock. Mathew’s name will be added to a plaque in the hospital’s front lobby. Last year’s recipient was Susan Cole. 

Another highlight of the program was the presentation of service awards to 105 employees for specific levels of service. The awards were given to:

35 years: Tamarra Allington, Jesse Kingston

30 years: Heather Beck, Linda Cable, Joanne Lang-Samson, Timira Perry

25 years: Holly Hawkins, Barbara Keyes, John Tobin

20 years: Sara Andrews, Thomas Farchone, Margaret Hurst, Stacey Johnson, Margaret Jones, Rose Mackey, Trina Stevens, Kelli Thompson, Lucinda Whitney, Holly Wolverton, Stephanie Zacharski

15 years: Jessica Bussing, Melissa France, Janna Harris, Jennifer Huff, Erin Loew, Clarence Robinson, Jennifer Stapleton, Julie Thornburg  

10 years: Cynthia Abacan, Hazel Bennett, Carole Cappella, Charlene Cole, Judy Cole, William Cole, Jessica Crandall, Wendy Davis, Leesa Frey, Alcides Gil-Acosta, Candice Graves, Sylvia Green, Cynthia Harr, Sherri Hough, Shaun Houseman, Deanna Hutchins, Sarah Iverson, Vicki Kellogg, Melissa Klepper, Brittani Leach, Jaclyn Liston-Crandall, James Maher, Anna Neff, Faaron Price, Brenna Riley, Cherryl Ruddock, Terri Sabatini, Michelle Shoup, Tamera Starks, Kimberly Sterley, Jennifer Summer, Jourdan Valentine, Jose Valle

5 years:  Robert Aldrich, Gregg Beeg, Rebecca Bischoff, Taylor Bloomhuff, Deborah Bresllin, David Cavender, Jason Cole, Andrea Cook, Linda Drake, Jodi Estelle-Tyckoski, Trina Fisher, James Fradette, Bobby Garrett, Charity Gary, Sally Gauthier, Ingrid Hall, Doreen Hart, Hayley Hawthorne, Courtney Head-Rowse, Steven Heffel, Judy Hemminger, Sara Hodges, Traiven Howard, Jamie Inman, Cassandra Kaminski, Susan Lowe, Robert Mansfield, Frances McPherson, Heather Miller, Carrie Mullally, Stephanie Osborn, Laura Pence, Andrew Poole, Brittney Rector, Connie Riever, Aaron Robbins, Amanda Robinson, Shara Rudy, Nichole Rue, Russell Samson, Monica Sattler, Amy Schultz, Julie Shedd, Danielle Shubert, Joseph Sleight, Shannon Smith, Kyle Speer, Carolyn Taylor, Nicole Taylor, Lisa Walters, Erin Wilson

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