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“Mini triathlon” scheduled March 30 at Oaklawn Life Improvement Center

MARSHALL – A “mini triathlon” is being planned Sunday, March 30, at the Oaklawn Life Improvement Center.

Those who wish to participate are being asked to sign up at the front desk of the center at 13697 15-Mile Road, Marshall, where they may schedule their start times.

The events will include a 15-minute swim, a 30-minute ride on a stationary bicycle and a 20-minute treadmill walk/run. Results are determined by the total distance in all three events.

A transition of five minutes will take place between each exercise event, said Kathy Roche-Wallace, the facility’s aquatics manager.

“Why do you want to do it?” Roche-Wallace asked. “Well, it’s a great workout, for one thing. And the T-shirt is cool.”

The cost for center members is $15, and the fee for non-members is $20. For additional information about the event, call (269) 781‑7585.

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