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How to Avoid Allergy Symptoms Without Medicine 

Dealing with allergy symptoms can be frustrating. On top of the obvious discomfort, a lot of us don’t want to take medicine if we don’t really need it. The simplest way to handle your allergy symptoms and avoid medication is find out what is causing your symptoms. It’s not uncommon for people to assume they are allergic to a certain pollen or not really know what’s causing all of that sneezing. An allergy specialist can be helpful in identifying the allergy culprits through simple testing.

Below are some basic guidelines for avoiding common allergens:

  • Minimize your time outdoors during peak pollen season.
  • Keep track of pollen counts online and avoid being outdoors during the early morning, when pollen levels are higher.
  • Consider planning trips to other regions during these seasons, possibly coastal regions where pollen counts are not as high.
  • When outside for long periods of time, change clothes and bathe afterwards. Pollen can remain on clothing and in hair after being outdoors, prolonging your exposure to the allergens. The same problem would apply to your pets, who can bring pollen in with them.
  • Consider wearing a mask when working outdoors.
  • If you are using medications, dose them prior to exposure to the allergens, as this tends to be more effective in minimizing symptoms.

Allergy symptoms can be miserable, but medication is not always necessary for relief. Start by following the tips above and be sure to visit an allergy specialist to find out what’s actually causing that runny nose. The more you know about your allergies, the better you can handle your symptoms without medication.