Patient Testimonials

“My husband and I have nothing but praise for the Oaklawn Birth Center staff. We live in Northern Virginia and were on our way to West Michigan to visit family when I went into pre-term labor. We delivered a healthy baby girl and could not have been more pleased with the care we received! The entire staff made us feel at home and relieved a lot of the stress that comes with having your first child (let alone a ‘premie’).”


Sarah G. (Mother) - Birth Center

“He was a wonderful, caring person. He explained everything and answered all of my questions and now, I have the confidence to go back and use my arm and I am not afraid of it breaking.”

Linda Estelle (Massage Therapist) - Orthopedic Surgery Patient

“The surgery did exactly what they pledged it would do, and the excruciating pain I had felt from the scoliosis was gone immediately after surgery.”

Eric Earl (Referee / Athlete) - Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Patient