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We are pleased to introduce Oaklawn’s WELLNESS at Work program.

Oaklawn WELLNESS at Work is an employee health and wellness program designed to assist employers with controlling rising worker’s compensation and commercial health insurance costs. Our program partners with area employers to provide new preventative health and wellness initiatives, as well as assist with worker’s compensation injury management through 4 basic components:

1. Occupational Health Services

  • Provide onsite safety talks and onsite loss prevention strategies.
  • Schedule physicals, drug screens and any other required pre-hire services needed.
  • Perform worksite “needs analysis”.

2. Workers’ Compensation Services

  • Secure approval, schedule visits and provide easy return-to- work paperwork ensures timely and cost-effective treatment.
  • Providers who understand the importance of timely return-to-work documentation.
  • Streamlined communication keeps employers informed on the status the injured employee.

3. Preventative Health/Wellness Services

  • Review Preventative Health Benefits available within employer plans and educate employees how to best utilize these benefits.
  • Provide employee health and wellness education events including current health risk factors, health risk appraisal and personalized wellness plans.
  • Assist in identifying and scheduling employees needing preventative health services.

4. General Health Services

  • Monthly health education and safety awareness information via email.
  • 24/7 Service Coordination number provides assistance with  scheduling  employees’ healthcare needs.
  • Specific Employer and Employee Design (SEED) individualized health promotion plan.

Our Corporate Health Consultant works directly with employers to develop a customized program for achieving company wellness goals.

Consultation with our Corporate Health Consultant and enrollment in WELLNESS at Work is provided at no cost. Our service coordinators are available 24/7 to assist  with scheduling a complimentary onsite employee health consultation, or answering questions regarding our program. Please call: (888) 977-3319.

Kathryn Madden
Corporate Health Consultant

Phone: (888) 977-3319
Fax: (877) 769-0320
Email: kathryn_madden@scp-health.com