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Michelle Kachman joins Oaklawn Medical Group as inpatient psychiatrist


August 17, 2016

Michelle Kachman joins Oaklawn Medical Group as inpatient psychiatrist

MARSHALL – Michelle Kachman always seemed to know she would go into medicine – perhaps because her father was a physician. But a dramatic experience with a friend caused her to think hard about the future, and eventually to take a slightly different direction in her career.

Because of that experience – and that choice – Kachman has joined the Oaklawn Medical Group as a psychiatrist, serving the inpatient population at Oaklawn Hospital.

“As a young child, I knew that my father made sick people well, and I admired him for that,” Kachman said. “As I got older, I wanted to do the same thing. I even went to the same universities as he did.

“But in medical school, I found that people liked to talk to me – that I was able to provide them with some comfort and security during times that were uncertain. So I was drawn to psychiatry.

“A friend then had a manic episode while we were in school, and that had a great impact on me,” she said. “It was scary, but it convinced me that I wanted to be the one who would help these individuals.”

Kachman was born in Gwinn, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the daughter of Dr. John G. Bizon, M.D., and his wife Deborah, who live in Battle Creek where their children grew up. Bizon is a specialist in ear, nose and throat conditions. In 2014 he was elected to represent Michigan’s 62nd District in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The family’s medical reach extends further yet. Kachman’s sister, Catherine Burtrum, joined the Oaklawn Medical Group in 2015 to practice general surgery at Oaklawn Hospital, focusing on such general procedures as those involving the appendix, breast, gallbladder and hernia repairs.

“Growing up watching our dad make a difference in people’s lives really impacted my sister and me. Both of us even worked in his office when we were younger,” Kachman said.

“Our dad was very excited when both my sister and I expressed an interest in medicine, but he let us both find our way,” Kachman said.

The goal Kachman pursued was to hone her innate ability in communication and nurturing trust, while gaining the empirical skills that would permit her to treat psychiatric patients in a clinical environment, she said.

“After I finished medical school, I wanted to come back to the area to practice with the population that I grew up with,” she said. “It’s home.”

Kachman said she regards the Marshall-Battle Creek area as a mutually supportive community that’s a perfect fit for her husband, Doug Kachman, and their three young children.

“It’s all about going to the store and knowing people there,” she said. “It’s the parks and outdoor activities. It’s really a nice place to raise a family – especially Marshall, which has such a nice, small-town feel. The Fourth of July parade around the Circle – my kids just love that. It’s old-time U.S.A.”

In her spare time, Kachman enjoys knitting as well as such outdoor activities as swimming and hiking. The Kachmans and their children frequently spend time exploring nature and visiting zoos, she said.

“We’re very fortunate to have such a skilled, family-oriented medical professional as Michelle want to remain in the community that she knows so well,” said Mark Montross, Executive Director of the Oaklawn Medical Group. “It’s important to us to nurture this kind of talent. To see it flourish here in Marshall is wonderful for all of us.”

Kachman received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2002 from Michigan State University, and her Doctor of Medicine degree in 2008 from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit. She completed her residency in psychiatry in 2012 at Michigan State University’s Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies.

Most recently, Kachman has worked as an inpatient psychiatrist for Pine Rest Behavioral Health at Bronson Battle Creek, and previously in the same capacity for the Fieldstone Center – Bronson Battle Creek.

Kachman, who has been board certified in psychiatry since 2013, is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Michigan State Medical Society and the Calhoun County Medical Society.