We’re getting a lot of buzz about what this means, so let us explain! For our new campaign featuring Oaklawn Medical Group’s (often referred to as OMG) specialized physicians who are OB/GYNs, we wanted something catchy. And that’s when OMGYN was born. Is it a play on the OB/GYN abbreviation? Yes! Are we referencing Oaklawn Medical Group with the swap of a single letter? Yes! And are we so excited about these providers that it makes us say, “OMG!”? Yes! In a nutshell, Oaklawn’s stellar OB/GYNs make us say “OMGYN!” Next thing you know, you’ll be saying it too.

At Oaklawn, our team of OB/GYNs strive to deliver more than just your bundle of joy. In fact, our goal is to deliver each and every woman with a quality of care that is unmatched. And recent patient satisfaction surveys show that we’re doing just that!

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