Quality, Safety & Satisfaction


“Quality is number one priority at Oaklawn Hospital.” We are a well-known and recognized community hospital throughout Calhoun County, Michigan and beyond, and committed to quality. Our commitment includes providing the highest quality care through the use of innovation, technology, compassionate and personal care.

Oaklawn believes in being transparent and sharing information about the quality we provide. Furthermore research shows that patients who are more informed and involved in their health care tend to have better outcomes. You can take an active role in your care by using this website and the links we provide.

We hope this Quality section spotlights many of our newest and ongoing quality initiatives that are happening at Oaklawn.

Jane Jones, MSHS, MT (ASCP), CPHQ
Executive Director of Organizational Excellence


“Patients at the Center of Safety” is the language spoken at Oaklawn Hospital each and every day. Employees, physicians, families, and patients can team with us to assure we are consistently providing safe care. For example, you can ask us if we washed our hands upon entering and exiting the patient room or ask about the plan of care. We want you to feel confident in making suggestions for improvements or voicing concerns.

To assure the highest level of safety in the hospital we coordinate safety initiatives with Michigan Hospital Association (MHA) (http://new.mha.org/mha/index.htm) and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (http://www.ihi.org). We also strive to improve patient safety with other process improvement projects throughout the Oaklawn system.

We hope this Safety section spotlights many of our newest and ongoing initiatives.

Jane Jones, MSHS, MT (ASCP), CPHQ
Executive Director of Organizational Excellence


Like our patients and their families, at Oaklawn we define service excellence from several perspectives. Simply though, experiencing service excellence in your care here means:

  • Being able to see a doctor in a timely manner when sick
  • Having the proper test(s) performed to diagnose accurately
  • Receiving effective treatment when ill or injured
  • Getting your healthcare questions answered in a direct, easy-to-understand way
  • Being treated with integrity, respect, compassion and understanding

Patient satisfaction with the hospital and care delivered is regularly surveyed to measure experiences and perceptions compared to patient expectations. This feedback plays an essential role in helping us to identify ideal solutions, and to improve the care and service in each department/unit – continuously.

Ultimately, our goal is providing a perfect patient experience 100% of the time. Big goal? Maybe, but we know you’re worth it.

Sarah Hagen, RN BSN
Quality Improvement Manager